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Hi, everyone. Well, on Thursday, July 1, 2010, I’ll be flying to Rome to teach my course, Ancient Eats, at John Cabot University. This is the second summer I’m teaching this course in the Eternal City.  What is new this year is this blog. I am hoping to post at least three blogs during the duration of the course which runs from July 5 to August 6.  I am looking forward to posting, although I confess the program that is enabling me to do so is at present intimidating to me. Yes, this is my first attempt at blogging. But with the encouragement of my friend and web designer and all round artist, Matt Pogue, I believe by summer’s end, the blogging process will become second nature…………ok, fourth nature.

Recognize this beat-up old building?

My name is Karl Squitier and teach at California State University at Long Beach (CSULB). My area of specialization is the ancient Mediterranean world, specifically Roman culture.  I teach a variety of courses focusing on antiquity. For example, Greek Mythology, The concept of Dionysus, The Underworld (Hades, not the ancient version of Al Capone), Hollywood Does Rome (ancient Rome in film), Roman myth and legend, and last but certainly not least, Ancient Eats. This last course focuses on the foodways of a variety of cultures of the ancient world. Some of these ancient cultures are: Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome and Mesoamerica.

It’s a fun course and every time I teach it (each Fall semester at CSULB and each summer in Rome), the syllabus is different because new things are constantly revealing themselves to me.  That includes new information and new ways of looking at and interpreting the sources we have. And, the new ways most often come from the insights of my students. Oh, the course both in Long Beach and in Rome is open to anyone.

Gee! that wasn’t too bad. Now to figure out how to add the image I want to include. Thanx for reading, and as I’ll be saying on Friday afternoon when I touch down in Rome, ciao!


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